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Children's Program

There's no better time to learn a new language than as a child!

Our youth and children’s programs are designed to teach English skills to children between the ages of 6 to 11 in a nurturing and fun-filled environment. Students are grouped by ages, 6-7, 8-9, and 10-11 years old. The curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation in the fundamental skills of English using methods that are well suited for the way children learn. The classes are filled with activities that are both fun and educational.

Your child will learn vocabulary, grammar and idiomatic expressions, which are critical to creating a solid foundation for future development in English. They will also learn the correct pronunciation for every word and phrase. The program will also impart important facts about American history, culture and geography.

Join our Children's program for kids
ages 6 - 11!

Enroll as a family. Pay only one application fee and one housing fee.

Summer Dates
June through August

Introduction to English for children ages 6 to 8
Your young children will absorb English through games, songs and stories. Fun activities will introduce them to the sounds and structure of English. Each day, your child will take home things he/she has made. This early exposure to English will spark their interest and lay a foundation for future study.

English for children ages 9 to 11
Children of this age learn a language quickly. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, your child will soon be using English words learned by studying and playing with other children. Numbers, colors, foods, animals, and clock time are some of the things that your child will be able to identify and use in English. There will be enjoyable school trips outside of the classroom to places around the school.

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